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South Lake Tahoe Government

City of South Lake Tahoe

About this site
There are no emergencies or emergency communications in effect for the City of South Lake Tahoe. In the event of an emergency, news and information will be posted to this site and to the City of SLT home page .

We strongly encourage you to sign up for the Emergency Alert , text messaging service which is part of the City's comprehensive emergency notification system.

Whether you live in the city limits or the county, sign up now for Reverse 911 .

This Web site is your resource for up-to-date information about emergency alerts, closures and openings during emergencies or unfavorable weather situations.

The City Treasurer is an elected position. The treasurer invests public funds in a prudent manner that provides maximum security while meeting daily cash flow demands and conforming to all statutes governing the investment of public funds. Within these parameters, funds are invested to optimize investment return.

Responsibilities include:

Obtaining a Building Permit
There are several different processes you can go through to obtain a building permit.

Over the Counter Permits
Some permits do not require a plan review and may be issued right over the counter. These permits can be processed in about 20 minutes, only require one or two inspections, and expire after six months.

Over the Counter Plan Review Permits
Some permits require plan approval by a building official or inspector which can be done over the counter. These projects must be TRPA QE and require less information than needed for a plan check.

Plan Check Permits
Some permits are more complex and require a review of plans, engineering and code requirements. These permits require a plan check process which must be completed prior to issuing a permit. Plan check can take up to 4 to 6 weeks and the process must be completed within 6 months of submission.

Volunteers Needed!
Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Several opportunities are available in our community, including:


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